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About the Centre for Biodiversity - Danish Non-Governmental information centre

The Centre is an independent Danish information centre established in 1995. Its aim is to provide information about preserving the man-made diversity of crops and livestock breeds - not in a remote and exclusive gene bank but at grass-roots level out in the backyard so that the general public can once again enjoy the living cultural heritage.
In the old days there was a much more varied range of varieties of local crops, a variety of potato or strawberry for every taste and purpose. Now we only have a few varieties that are well-suited to mass production; but they taste pretty much the same and not very exciting!
The old varieties adapted to our climate through generations of selection. Well-adapted livestock and plants flourish and therefore have less need of drugs and toxic sprays.
As a non-governmental organisation the Centre can talk of threatened plants and animals from a purely preservation-oriented perspective - free of political considerations.
And we can also draw attention to adverse development trends - free of organisational bonds and commercial considerations.

Present situation in Denmark

The recreational breeding culture is a valuable lifestyle which does not consume resources and reinforces local social networks. It represents great potential for grass-roots participation in conservation. Nevertheless, Danish authorities are trying to displace this traditional lifestyle by bureaucratic means, and a great loss of biological and cultural diversity continues.
As an independent Civil Society Organisation the Danish Centre for Biodiversity strongly opposes this trend, but so far with no effect, as the Danish authorities, in spite of officially inviting NGOs to participate, continue the displacing of biodiversity in domestic animals.

Campaign:  online-versions of our flyer - claiming protection of smallholders and their animals

"Animals are not just for profit"
Djur är inte bara profit!

Smallholder Unite

Dutch Association of Smallholders (NBVH) urge European smallholders to unite for protection of their lifestyle and their animals.
NEW  Letter to the EU council about bird flu ( Aviean Influenza) from civil society organisations representing 28 countries - NEW

As a small organisation we do not have the resources to translate all documents to English, but here you find some of the most important:


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Center for Bio-diversitet is an independent NGO/CSO information-center. We aim to promote biological diversity and the protection and conservation of old and new varieties with valuable characteristics.

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